Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2018

Two months of summer full of exquisite lunch concerts in the historical heart of Leuven, that is still the successful recipe behind the Zomer van Sint-Pieter festival.

This seventeenth edition will feature both the usual repertoire as well as new discoveries. Along with Opus 3 – the thriving force behind the Midis-Minimes festival in Brussels – 30CC provides a choice selection of star performers from all over the world, such as Naaman Sluchin, Piet Kuijken, Lore Binon, Malibran Kwartet, BachPlus and many more.

Besides the usual theme focuses on piano (17 - 20 July) and string quartets (31 July - 3 August) the programme also makes regular sidesteps to folk, world, chanson and early music. You can discover the full programme below.



Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2018 - Magali Léger (soprano), Ensemble Contraste

Johan Farjot (piano), Arnaud Thorette (viola), Raphaël Imbert (saxophone), Antoine Pierlot (cello)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2018 - BachPlus

Bart Naessens (musical direction)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2018 - Swantje Tams Freier (soprano), Los Temperamentos

Alessandro Nasello (recorder), Domitille Gilon (violin), Néstor Fabián Cortés Garzón (cello), Hugo de Rodas Sanchez (guitar and lute), Nadine Remmert (harpsichord)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2018 - Les Esprits Animaux

Elodie Virot (traverso), Javier Lupiáñez (violin), Tomoe Badiarova (violin), David Alonso Molina (viola), Roberto Alonso Álvarez (cello), Patrícia Vintém (harpsichord)


  • from Tuesday July 3 until Friday August 31,
    every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (except on Wed August 15)
  • at 12.15 h, duration +/- 40 minutes
  • in 30CC/Schouwburg,
    except on 3, 4, 10, 11, 24 and 25 July in 30CC/Predikherenkerk
  • Tickets are only sold at the venue: 
    € 6 / € 1,20 with UiTpas reduction rate / free for children under the age of12 
  • Advantageous passes (10 or 35 concerts) are available from June 26 at 30CC/Ticketbalie (not online or by phone). These passes can be shared by several persons, but they don't give you priority access tot the concert.
  • Download Zomer van Sint-Pieter (pdf, 5 Mb).
    The brochure can also be found in all our venues, the public library or the tourist office ...