How do I get there?


Brusselsestraat 63

By foot / bike

We strongly recommend you to come on foot, by bike or by public transport.
It's healthier, cheaper and more eco-friendly.

By bus

Use bus stop Dirk Boutslaan or Sint-Rafaëlkliniek.
Calculate your itinerary with delijn.be or use the app (for iPhone or Android).

On Friday and Saturday night (between 23.00 and 03.00 h) De Lijn also organises night busses. Check the planner for the exact time tables.
You can use the extended services earlier on the evening.

By car

In case you prefer coming by car, please be aware of the new circulation plan in the city centre.
The Brusselsestraat is situated in the yellow section (access via Donkerstraat).
Find parking

Where is my seat?

The 30CC/Wagehuys consists of a single raised seating platform.



The 30CC/Wagehuys can be accessed by wheelchair and has all the necessary adaptations such as access ramp, door widths, accessible restroom ...

We also have reserved seats for people in wheelchairs on the first row (row A, seats 1 and 3).
These seats are exclusively available for wheelchairs, up to 2 weeks before the show. Past this deadline, they become available to the general public.


For people with impaired hearing or eyesight, we always reserve some seats on the first row.
These seats also remain exclusively reserved up to 2 weeks before the show.


Your assistance dog is of course always welcome.

Technical contact


Marc Deloof: +32 (0)499 67 76 65
download the technical information

Rent 30CC/Wagehuys

Looking for an appropriate venue to host your play or concert?
The 30CC/Wagehuys can be rented. It's our smallest, but very cosy theatre with perfect technical equipment.

Please use the registration form for your rental application.


  • Maximum number of seats: 169
  • Rental application dates:
    • organisations from Leuven, performing themselves:
      September 1st prior to the cultural season
    • other organisations and guest performances organised by organisations from Leuven:
      October 1st prior to the cultural season
    • always in accordance with the established maximum number of rentals
  • Rental prices: starting at € 100 up to € 600
    • depending on organizer's status & applied ticket prices
    • Sunday rate: 200%
    • All cost such as taxes, social obligations, copyrights etc are always at the expense of the organizer.
  • Technicians: a maximum of 2 technicians is included.
  • Ticket sales by 30CC is an option.

For all details: please consult the retributions (retributiereglement) and rental conditions (verhuurvoorwaarden).
For the technical equipement: please consult the technical rider.
All documents are only available in Dutch.


Do you have a general question about one of our venues? Please contact our administration

  • 016 27 42 40
    (Monday to Friday: 9.00 - 17.00 h)
  • info@30CC.be

Do you wish to rent one of our venues, check the page 'rent a venue' and use the registration form.

Do you have a specific technical question? Please use the technical contact of the venue (see below).

Photo shoots (such as wedding photography) are not allowed in our venues.