Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Duo Eidos

Compositions for flute and piano are a rarity in the genre of romantic chamber music. Two of these compositions, which are among the finest examples, are played by young Duo Eidos.

Compositions for flute and piano are a rarity in the genre of romantic chamber music. Two of these compositions are played by young Duo Eidos.
Géraldine Clément (flute), Thomas Waelbroeck (piano)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Edenwood Duo

Edenwood Duo invites us to discover an original repertoire for cello and guitar.
Catherine Struys (guitar), Wouter Vercruysse (cello)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Time Crawls - A new broken consort

Jowan Merckx and Zefiro Torna create a new type of consort with early music, contemporary music and improvisation.
Zefiro Torna: Jowan Merckx (recorders and percussion ), Annelies Decock (violin), Sarah Ridy (harp), Liam Fennelly (viola da gamba), Alon Portal (violone), Jurgen De bruyn (lute and theorbo)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Yalla. A djinn-piano in the land of ud

Where different worlds, genres and periods meet, Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven’s piano and Nasser Houari’s oud come together.
Nasser Houari (ud), Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (piano)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Alexandra Cooreman (violin), Christia Hudziy (piano)

Sixteenyear-old violinist Alexandra Cooreman, who has won several international awards, is interpreting César Franck’s masterly 'Sonata in A major'.

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Kacper Nowak (cello), Christia Hudziy (piano)

This poetic composition was truly a ray of hope in the dark Soviet era.

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Bruno Helstrofferc (theorbo), Laurène Durantel (double bass)

Bruno Helstroffer and Laurène Durantel are dusting off a few key Baroque compositions. They divide the theme and accompaniment among each other in accordance with the inspiration of the moment.

Helstroffer and Durantel are dusting off a few key Baroque compositions.

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Duo B!z’art

Brahms played with four hands. Light-footed dances full of sunshine and joy for life.
Geoffrey Baptiste & André Roe (piano four hands)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Ensemble Stravaganza

Work by predecessors of J.S. Bach, the Northern German contrapuntists Reinken, Buxtehude and Theile.
Domitille Gilon (Violin and musical direction), Stéphan Dudermel (violin), Ronald Martin Alonso (viola da gamba), Vincent Maurice (theorbo), Thomas Soltani (harpsichord and musical direction)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Art of Duo

The art of the duo for violin and piano is illustrated by means of a selection of virtuoso pieces that often draw inspiration from folk dances.
Hrayr Karapetyan (violin), Hasmik Manukyan (piano)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Sonico

Tango nuevo from Eduardo Rovira by Sonico.
Stephen Meyer (violin), Anke Steenbeke (piano), Camilo Cordoba (guitar), Ariel Eberstein (double bas), Lysandre Donoso (bandoneon)

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Thibaut Lenaerts (tenor), Philippe Riga (piano)

Thibaut Lenaerts and Philippe Riga invite us to the world of two grandmasters of the song, Gabriel Fauré and Reynaldo Hahn.

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Replacement program: Shadi Torbey (bass) - Ayrton Desimpelaere (direction)

Annulation: Sophie Karthäuser, Eugène Asti (piano)

Music from the oeuvre of Fanny Mendelssohn and her younger brother Felix. Sung by a widely praised soprano.

Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Les Paladins

Music for two haute-contres, a type of high tenor voice typical of French music from the 16th and 17th centuries.
Jean-François Lombard (tenor), Guillaume Delpech (tenor), Sylvia Abramowicz (viola da gamba), Benjamin Narvey (theorbo), Jérôme Corréas (organ and musical direction)