Double bill: Lankum (IRL) + Flemish Folk Caravan

Dublin-based folk group Lankum has drawn inspiration from folktales for their wonderful debut album full of special instruments and vocal harmonies.

The way she dies

Books can change lives. We know that. But can all reading experiences together also change the way Anna (Karenina) dies?

The Dubhlinn Gardens

This concert takes you back in time to an evening of entertainment for the 18th-century upper class in Dublin.
Reinoud Van Mechelen (tenor), Anna Besson (barokfluit) en A Nocte Temporis

Beethoven: a strong motif

This programme focuses on two monumental compositions by Beethoven that are based upon the same rhythmic motif. But with a whole different meaning.
Alexander Melnikov (piano) en Le Concert Olympique

Bleib bei uns - Johann Sebastian Bach

BachPlus admires Bach’s oeuvre and is also curious about his entourage. The great cantata 'Bleib bei uns' is contextualised and explored thematically.

Cirque Composé

Leuven Circusstad invites a selection of international and local circus artists, ranging from world-famous stars to the most peculiar sideshow acts.
30CC & Cirkus in Beweging
van 8 tot 99 jaar


Retake of this classic piece with a new and rejuvenated cast that effortlessly manages to find the balance between energetic virtuosity and delay.
Rosas / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Còig (CA)

Còig is one of the most exciting neo folkbands of the moment from Nova Scotia. The band has a lot of energy and musical quality, to say the least.


With movements and actions, sounds and music, these performers take you on an imaginary journey across the globe.
Dadodans en Gaia Gonnelli (NL)
van 2 tot 5 jaar


The frontman of Flying Horseman and Dans Dans is given carte blanche and returns to his jazz roots.
Bert Dockx

The Gospel Train

Take the 'Gospel Train' together with the Flemish Radio Choir and soloist Ibernice MacBean. Conductor is British gospel specialist Kim Burton.
Flemish Radio Choir

Camané (PT)

One of the great names of fado! Full of emotion, authentic and poetic, Camané is one of the references of the Portuguese musical landscape.


Magic musical theatre full of rustling figures and poetic whispers. With cello, clarinet and voice.
Theater De Spiegel en HERMESensemble
van 1 tot 4 jaar

Impresiones Íntimas

Duo Adentro seasons Mompou’s nostalgic atmospheric pieces with the surprising harmony of guitar and piano.
Duo Adentro