Liedje voor Gigi

Benjamin Verdonck

Vox celesta

It’s all about Italy in this perfomance: an Italian organ, Italian top musicians and an Italian reportoire. Meraviglioso!
Lorenzo Ghielmi (orgel) en Federica Napoletani (zang)

An evening with Jennifer Egan

7th Herman Servotte Lecture 2018
Jennifer Egan - Music: Rudy Trouvé solo

Bilitis Revisited

Lore Binon and Revue Blach acknowledge the woman: sometimes seductive and provocative, sometimes fighting for her place in society.
Lore Binon (sopraan) en Revue Blanche

Focus op modern klassiek - Four Seasons Recomposed - Vivaldi / Richter

The Four Seasons of Vivaldi in a different way: with a 'minimal sound'. Violinist Lorenzo Gatto is soloing, while the film 'Free Seasons' is screened.
Lorenzo Gatto (viool) en Young Belgian Strings

Focus op modern klassiek - Joep Beving (NL) & Echo Collective plays Amnesiac

Joep Beving made his Belgian debut last year, with a greatly appreciated concert. That's why we invited him again! Echo Collective present themselves.


A funny little man with baggy trousers and hat, carrying a bag full of magic and wonder. An intimate and imaginative show.
Le Clan des Songes (FR)
vanaf 4 jaar

Cirque Composé

A special, surprising programme with international and local circus acts. Full line-up to be announced soon.
30CC & Cirkus in Beweging

Saint Amour (Living Apart Together)

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a bunch of top authors. An evening filled with humour, cynicism, hope and loads of romance!

Big Machine

Singer and fiddle player Eliza Carthy is accompanied by Wayward Band, a team of twelve British folk stars, to present 'Big machine'.
Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band (UK)

Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms

'Money for nothing', 'Walk of life' and 'Sultans of swing'. The songs of Dire Straits in a wonderful theatrical setting.
Legendary Albums Live

Murder Ballads

The dead brought back to life with blood dripping songs. A musical journey, but not for the faint-hearted.
Stijn Meuris, Tijs Delbeke, Gregory Frateur, Lady Linn en anderen

Glass Etudes & Bach

Icelander Vikingur Ólafsson is a modern pianist with a focus on minimalist music. Goosebumps!
Vikingur Ólafsson (IS)

Fermate il passo

Viva Biancaluna Biffi sings love songs in a mini opera in three acts. All by herself, playing the vielle. The entire range of emotions is covered.
Viva Biancaluna Biffi (vedel en stem)

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