Double bill: Derek Gripper (ZA) / Solo (SE) & Indré (LI)

Derek Gripper combines classic with 'griot' music. And Solo & Indré merge African and Baltic horizons into something magical.

From Molenbeek With Love

Mrabtifi's first solo is no classical dance. Deeply rooted in the 'urban arts', he presents complex questions about his double identity.
Yassin Mrabtifi


Benjamin Verdonck takes you on a journey through the Schouwburg theatre along a selection of unacted or unfinished pieces from his workshop.
Benjamin Verdonck en Toneelhuis

Passions - Piet Swerts

Frascati Chamber Orchestra plays the Belgian premiere of 'Passions', the new double concerto for two pianos by Piet Swerts.
Frascati Chamber Orchestra

Piano Day #19

Exploring the thin dividing line between modern and classic continues to be the purpose of Piano Day. From acoustic ambient to classic piano music.
Otto A. Totland (NO) en Lisa Morgenstern (DE/PL)


The smooth, almost vocal sound of the cornetto in dialogue with a historical keyboard instrument.
Bruce Dickey (cornett) and Liuwe Tamminga (organ)

Triple M

'Modern Minimalist Music' from Glass, Richter and Pärt together with images of video artist Karen De Meyer. A treat for all your senses.
Ataneres Ensemble

Benjamin Sauzereau

Living room concert

Piet Verbist Quartet

Living room concert

Thomas Champagne Random House

Living room concert


Living room concert

Stefan Bracaval QU4RTET

Living room concert