Sun-Mi Hong Quintet - CANCELLED

The Self-Strewn Portrait - cd release concert

Discover the brand-new album of this amazing drummer and her Quintet!

The Inbetweens - CANCELLED

+ dj The Jazz Kid

To round up the ‘Jazz Up Your Kot’ route, 30CC presents this exciting jazz guitar trio...

Mattias De Craene (solo) - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

Welcome in the unpredictable and adventurous universe of saxophonist Mattias De Craene.

Karen Willems (solo) - Terre Sol - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

Percussionist, drummer and composer Karen Willems in an honest and pure set ... a simple celebration of touch.

Hanne De Backer and Vincent Brijs - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

Twee baritone saxes in dialogue and duel ... a wonderful universe!

Fenix Quartet ft. Heleen Andriessen - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

A quartet with a melodic and rhythmical take on jazz ... They will get you moving!

Elisabeth Atieno trio - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

A lovely trio with bass, piano and a mesmerizing voice!

Interfak Dixieland band - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

Enjoy a Dixieland party with this fine live orchestra!

Vivian Swing - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

Gipsy jazz in the style of Reinhardt and Grappelli, both swinging and melancholic!

Electrio ft. Maurice de Clerck - CANCELLED

Jazz Up Your Kot

Discover the brand-new jazz trio of saxophonist Maurice de Clerck.


Jazz Up Your Kot

Surprising percussion and a whirling sax transform mainstream hits into jazz music!

as long as we are playing - CANCELLED


A dance performance in which the infectiousness of the game forms the starting point for every movement and interpretation.
kabinet k
Suitable for children, ages 8 and up.

The music of yourself - CANCELLED

Students of the LUCA jazz department create their own jazz vibe.
LUCA Theme ensemble led by Lynn Cassiers

Jazz Europe Express - CANCELLED

Tripping through European jazz

A voyage through post-war jazz in Europe, with original vinyl records and remarkable anecdotes.
dj The Jazz Kid