On 30CC

We are 30CC

We are 
... an active cultural centre that offers a wide, varied and qualitative programme in performing arts.
... an accessible cultural centre that developes methods to encourage the participation of many and that loves to collaborate with others.
... an innovative cultural centre where experiment, production and the support of talents gets all the attention.
... a motivating cultural centre that acts as an engine for several festivals, with many partners.

30CC loves to present

Each season we invite over 300 productions in theatre, music and circus.
A careful selection gets a lot of our time and effort.

  • We strive to offer a varied programme that is exciting and adventurous, but also relaxing and amusing. New talents and well-established artists are our partners 'in crime'.
  • We love to excel in special projects such as 'The Sound of …', we cherish polyphony and are passioned by voices. 
  • We welcome children of all ages, with their (grand) parents.
  • Reading and literature is stimulated in our collaboration with Leuven Leest and keen selection of author talks.
  • We proudly promote the city theatres of Leuven and present fabulous dance performances in collaboration with STUK.
  • Besides a qualitative programme, we also offer a qualitative service. Our cultural actions are organised in the best possible conditions, at a fair price and with a keen communication. We present these productions in our own venues, but also love to go 'outdoors' in churches an abbeys, on squares and festival grounds ... in an effort to find new spectators.

30CC invests in participation and co-creation!

We want to be here for many.
We try to include everybody and develop methods to welcome those that are not familiar with culture.

  • We are here for everyone: young and old, newcome or native, Dutch-speaking or foreign-language.
  • We want to unite and oppose to any form of exclusion.
  • We form alliances, with neighborhoods, community centres, day care centers ... 
  • We serve diversity and contribute to this society.
  • The fragile deserve all our attention, reason why we strongly support the socio-artistic practice, such as Compagnie Tartaren and De FactorY.
  • Every year, we organise a participation project, co-creative and bottom-up. We support and facilitate.
  • We encourage youngsters with different backgrounds, visitors from the neighborhood centres and students to co-organise our programme.
  • We invest heavily in our school programmes (as found on schoolmetcultuur.be).

30CC experiments and develops!

We invest time, effort and resources in innovating artistic and educational projects.

We collaborate with many partners, from all layers of society: ranging from Leuven Mindgate Creativity and the KU Leuven University to Demos or Leuven 2030.

A lot is possible, little is compulsory. 
The process of development and research is equally important as the end-result or presentation.

We opt for long running journeys and alliances with artists, preferably with a focus on addressing an issue in modern society. Culture and art are (partial) answers in tackling ecological issues, a lack of social cohesion, the digital gap, the aging population or loneliness ...

30CC, the engine of breathtaking festivals!

Every year, we love to excel in our tremendous festivals.
Very often (and gladly) we also act as the thriving force for a large collaboration between different partners.
The whole is always larger than the sum of its parts.

  • With Zomer van Sint-Pieter we offer two months of charming and delightful lunch concerts.
  • The 14th edition of Rode Hond will make Leuven a city of families: an enchanting festival centre, a special location project, tailored productions ... the lot!
  • In a few years time, Leuven Jazz has become a solid value in European jazz. We welcome international headliners and numerous jazz talents from Belgium, and strive to offer enchanting and new jazz spots. 
  • During CIRKL we present top artists from the international circus scene, alongside creations from our own circus studio.