On 30CC

30CC, your stage for imagination and encounter

With 4 halls, 1647 seats and more than 150,000 visitors annually, 30CC is the largest cultural venue in Leuven and the region. 

30CC is strong in showing performing arts. Traditionally, you will find a high-quality range of classical and non-classical music, theatre, jazz, literature, circus and children's arts. We empower local Leuven talent but work equally well with internationally renowned artists. And of course, we also proudly present the range of city companies Het nieuwstedelijk, fABULEUS and Cie Tartaren and our dance partner STUK.

In addition to a high-quality and international program, we also want to place ourselves in the heart of society. We are an open house for young people, amateur clubs, seniors, families - in short - everyone who wants to experience culture. 'Encounter' is a crucial part of our house and we will work here in the coming years using three lines: “Beauty and comfort”, Democracy and citizenship” and “the culture house as a future lab”. For inspiration and encounter, our Schouwburg continues to appeal to the imagination and under Cultuurshock you will find (almost) everything for young people and our new focus on hip hop.

We consciously choose optimism. Not because we are sure that everything will turn out well. Certainly not to minimize problems or to detract from the - burning - urgency. Because we believe there is a need for positive imagination.

Because that's what we want to be: a centre of imagination.