Stage for imagination and encounter

30CC is not only strong in presenting performing arts.
Our work on participation and talent development is at least as innovative and works within these three themes:
Beauty and comfort for everyone - Citizenship and democracy - 30CC as a future lab.

For inspiration and encounters, our Schouwburg continues to appeal to the imagination and under Cultural shock you will find (almost) everything for young people and our new focus on hip-hop.

Beauty and comfort

What makes life worth living? What offers comfort or makes you happy? How are we a home for everyone? With these questions, we will get to work on this part of the programme. After all, culture can inspire, enchant, stimulate conversation and also bring beauty and comfort.

Democracy and citizenship

We want to be a place for democracy and citizenship. Culture, encounter and conversation are central and touch each other. 30CC is thus developing as a democratic space where makers and audiences think and talk about current issues.

30CC as a future lab

Together with artists and residents of Leuven, we explore the future. What will the Leuven of 2050 look like when it comes to technological and social innovation, the climate and sustainability? Who are our new, impressive performing artists and how can we support them now?

Cultural shock

We explore the boundaries between art and popular (youth) culture. A heightened place for young people and artists. And we introduce a new discipline on our stage: hip-hop!

Welcome in our Schouwburg

Our Schouwburg is a fantastic building that continues to appeal to the imagination. It breathes history and is at the same time a place where we imagine and explore new visions of the future.