Porcelain id

Support: Khorshid Dadbeh (IR)

Tue 05/11/2024 - 20:00

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Meet one of the most promising talents of the Belgian scene, with music that touches sensitive strings. Porcelain id is the monniker under which Hubert Tuyishime (they/their) releases unique soulful pop songs. The Soundtrack jury had nothing but praise, Unday Records discovered them and De Morgen calls Tuyishime “a folk singer for the new era.”

Their poetic songs contain both classic pop and lofi electronica, while sounding vulnerable, sincere and authentic. They come to us with their debut album Bibi:1, a record inspired the move from a quiet village to the big city. Previous gems such as Vlaanderen, No denim and Rhythm Machine were well-received.

In 2023, we had the honor of welcoming Porcelain id as the opening act of Meskerem Mees. Now, they are back with a full band.

Support: Khorshid Dadbeh

Before that, you will be introduced to Khorshid Dadbeh, a talented musician from Iran who plays three unusual stringed instruments: tar, tanbour and setar. She comes from an artistic family and began playing the setar, an important instrument in classical Persian music, at an early age. She studied tanbour and tar at the Tehran Conservatory. She completed her music studies in the Netherlands.

Now she travels the world to share her music on different stages, either in band form or solo, as with us. Her music blends traditional sounds with new ideas, creating an extraordinary listening experience. Enjoy the magic of her music!

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Porcelain id Hubert Tuyishime (voice and guitar), Emma Hessels (keys), Fender Mackenson (drums) and Nard Houdmeyers (bass)

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