Rates and reductions


For our 30CC performances, we use only one base price (per category).
If you are entitled to a discount (see below), then it will be automatically applied to this base price.

The performances in Schouwburg usually include subcategories with differing sections and prices.
For example: € 20 (section 1) - € 18 (section 2) - € 14 (section 3) - € 10 (section 4)


We offer several discounts on our base prices, so make sure to use them!
Beware: our discounts are non-cumulative. We always give you the highest possible discount on your purchase.

the presale or early bird rate

  • fixed price
  • only valid on specific 30CC performances, mainly for our festivals

the age discount

  • -26 > 10% discount 
  • +65 > 5 % discount
  • only valid on the 30CC performances,
    not valid on Dubbeldans (Double Dance) and fABULEUS performances in STUK

the combination discount

  • Due to the limited capacity, there is no combination discount this year. After all, we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to take part in the program.

the culture card discount

  • a 20% discount on the 30CC performances
    or a fixed discount on Dubbeldans and fABULEUS in STUK
  • with your KU Leuven Culture Card or European Youth Card
  • 1 ticket per performance per person
  • Pass by our ticket desk to register your Culture Card or European Youth Card. From then on, your discount is also available for online purchases. 

the Last Minute Deal

  • 50% discount on the base price (section 1)
  • only valid on the 30CC performances,
    not on Dubbeldans (Double Dance) and fABULEUS performances in STUK
  • for youths (12-25y): show your ID
  • for students: show your KU Leuven Culture Card or European Youth Card
  • 1 ticket per performance per person
  • only at the box office of the performance

UiTPAS reduction rate (for people in deprivation)

  • an 80% discount on the base price (section 1)
  • only valid on the 30CC performances,
    not valid on existing benefits such as festival passes, day tickets ... nor on books, DVDs, meals, drinks, etc.
  • with your UiTpas
  • only valid at the ticket desk and the ticket booth of the venue
  • 1 ticket per perfomance 
  • only for people who are resident of Leuven

European Disablity Card (or Begeleiderspas Vlaams-Brabant)

  • free admission for the person accompanying a disabled person
  • only valid on the 30CC performances
  • with your European Disability Card or Begeleiderspas of the province of Flemish Brabant
  • 1 ticket per perfomance 
  • Pass by our ticket desk to register your Card or Begeleiderspas. From then on, this discount is also available for online purchases.


In some cases we offer no discount:

  • for certain festivals and performances where a low base price is already the norm,
  • for some performances upon the explicit request of an artist
  • on day tickets, meals or drinks and
  • in the case of double formulas where a discount already applies, such as a concert with wine tasting.
  • However, all of these performances still count towards your combination discount for the rest of your purchase.

We never apply discounts to guest performances.
These include all performances that are not organized by 30CC.


At the entrance we will repeatedly perform ticket checks.
If your ticket or discount isn't valid, you will not be allowed entrance.