Rates and reductions


For our 30CC performances, we use only one base price (per category).
If you are entitled to a discount (see below), it will be automatically applied to this base price.

The performances in Schouwburg usually include subcategories with different sections and prices.
For example: € 20 (section 1) - € 18 (section 2) - € 14 (section 3) - € 10 (section 4)


We try to make culture as accessible as possible, for as many people as possible. That is why we use a pay-what-you-can system for a selection of performances.
Each of these performances comes with a suggested price. This price is central and bold. It is up to you to determine whether or not that price fits within your current financial situation. If a lower fare would facilitate your coming to the performance, you are free to select that fare. Can you afford a higher ticket price? Then you make it possible for others to pay less.
We hereby calculate the UiTPAS opportunity rate on the suggested price. The other discounts no longer apply within this new system.


We offer several discounts on our base prices, so use them!
Beware: our discounts are non-cumulative. We always give you the highest possible discount on your purchase.

the age discount

  • -26 > 10% discount 
  • +65 > 5 % discount
  • not valid on dance productions presented by STUK

the combination discount (different events in 1 order)

  • from 4 different events: 5% discount
  • from 8 different events: 10% discount
  • from 12 different events: 15% discount
  • NOTE: in order to enjoy this discount, you'll need to purchase your tickets as a bundle!
  • If you select a 'pay-what-you-can' event in your order, we'll take the suggested price (without a discount).
    Guest productions count towards the number of events but without any discount.

the culture card discount

  • a 20% discount on the 30CC performances
    or a fixed discount on dance productions presented by STUK
  • with your KU Leuven Culture Card or European Youth Card
  • 1 ticket per performance per person
  • Select your ticket and enter the number of your student card (starting with r, s or m) in the field 'enter code'

the Last Minute Deal

  • 50% discount on the base price (section 1)
  • as of 24 h before the performance
  • for youths (12-25y): show your ID
  • for students: show your KU Leuven Culture Card or European Youth Card
  • 1 ticket per performance per person
  • online or at the box office
  • not valid on dance productions presented by STUK

UiTPAS social rate (for people in deprivation)

  • an 80% discount on the base price (section 1)
  • with your UiTpas
  • 1 ticket per performance per person
  • only valid at the ticket desk and the ticket booth of the venue
  • not valid on presale, meals and drinks, combo formulas, day tickets, opera trips, etc.

European Disablity Card (or Begeleiderspas Vlaams-Brabant)

  • free admission for the person accompanying a disabled person, in combination with at least 1 paid ticket
  • with your European Disability Card or Begeleiderspas of the province of Flemish Brabant
  • 1 ticket per performance per person
  • Pass by our ticket desk to register your Card or Begeleiderspas. From then on, this discount is also available for online purchases.
  • More info: www.eudisabilitycard.be or the social department of the Province of Vlaams-Brabant (016 26 76 56 - begeleiderspas@vlaamsbrabant.be)

Heartfelt Place

30CC has recently become a 'Heartfelt Place'. We offer free tickets for people with less financial means. With
‘Donate a ticket’, culture lovers with a little more treat someone with a little less. More information.


In some cases, we offer no discount on 30CC performances. This is clearly mentioned in the ticket price.

We never apply discounts to guest performances. These include all performances that are not organized by 30CC.


At the entrance, we will repeatedly perform ticket checks.
If your ticket or discount isn't valid, you will not be allowed entrance.