Portu in Core

I Muvrini (FR)
Wed 06/10/2021 - 20:00
Music, Vocal
Youngsters (12+)

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€ 33 (section 1) - € 26 (section 2) - € 17 (section 3) - € 13 (section 4)

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World-class artists from Corsica! Vocal group I Muvrini will bring a special mix full of joie de vivre, idealism and melancholy.

The group, founded in the late 1970s by brothers Alain and Jean-François Bernardini, has a typical style that combines traditional music with lots of influences. Thanks to their complete openness towards the world, the group has been met with international acclaim. At the same time, the most famous musical export product from Corsica has remained faithful to its original vision and continues to deliver wonderful music for heart and soul.

They have made more than 20 studio albums, have performed in the biggest concert halls around the world, and now they are finally returning to Leuven.