Keep it safe!

The entire team at 30CC is extremely pleased to welcome you again to our events.
Following the successful outdoor events in May, we reopen our venues as of June 9th.

All our events will be organised in strict accordance with the current and stringent guidelines.
With your help, we can make this a success!

Corona update June 4th, 2021

On June 4th, we received the ministerial decree allowing the next step in reopening the cultural sector.
This decree establishes the guidelines for indoor events as of June 9th.

30CC always respects the current guidelines and protocols established by the authorities.
Our Schouwburg and Minnepoort also received a CIRM authorisation and fully match all criteria, including perfect ventilation.

You can find the most important guidelines below:

Should you have any further question, you can contact us on 016 27 42 40 or at

Buy your ticket in advance

For all our events, you'll need to buy your ticket(s) in advance.

It is highly recommended to buy them online. This can be done 24/7 following the ticket link for each event.
Alternatively, you can also buy them on 016 27 40 00. Check the opening hours.

To avoid physical contact, our Ticket office and box offices remain closed.
At the venues, we only provide a helpdesk to resolve potential ticket issues.

1 seat open & no reserved seats

For the time being, we only organise indoor events in our Schouwburg and Minnepoort.
Following the CIRM (COVID Infrastructure Risk Model), we always leave 1 seat open between bubbles.

To guarantee this social distancing, we sell only unnumbered seats.
You will be ushered to appropriate seat(s) on-site, according to the size of your bubble.

Your order corresponds to your bubble: you must arrive together and will be seated together. 

If you are wheelchair-bound or have impaired mobility, partial sight or hearing impairment, we are happy to provide a special seating arrangement. Contact our ticket team at 016 27 42 40 in advance.

Limited numbers

Currently, we sell a maximum of 200 seats for indoor events at our Schouwburg and Minnepoort.
As we want to give everyone a chance to participate, the combination discount is NOT available.

Face mask required

You're obliged to wear a face mask at all times during your visit. 
You are not allowed to take it off when seated.

Bubbles & contact tracing

Your order corresponds to your bubble. You must arrive together and will be seated together.
Of course, you'll need to respect the official guidelines that apply to the number of people you can see outside your family bubble.

If you bought the tickets, you will the contact person for your bubble.
In case of contamination, you'll have to share your bubble contact information with the tracing authorities.

Always bring your ticket

Without your ticket, you cannot enter the location.
We'll check your tickets at the doors, either printed or as a download on your smartphone.

Be on time

We open the doors well in advance to assure a fluent and safe trajectory to your seat. 
Latecomers will be refused entrance.

You need to respect the designated route and markers.
You'll keep a safety distance of 1,5 meters to other visitors and will need to remain in your 'bubble' at all times.

Our colleagues will control the respect of the guidelines and will usher you to your seat.

Remain seated

At the end of the performance, you'll have to remain seated
Our colleagues will give the necessary directives to allow a safe exit for all attendees.

Toilets before or after the concert

On the designated routes to and from your seat, several safe toilets are available. 
You're asked to follow the safety markers and directives of our staff.

No cloakroom, no bar

We strive to avoid all physical contact between the audience and our staff.
Therefore, there will be no cloakroom. You'll need to keep your coat and personal belongings with you at all times.

The foyers of our venues will also remain closed for the time being.

Respect the general safety guidelines

All personal safety recommendations apply:
- Stay home when you're ill.
- Regularly wash your hands with water and soap. We offer disinfectant hand gel at our events.
- Respect a safety distance of 1,5 meters.
- Don't shake hands and don't hug when greeting someone.

Take care of yourself and the others. Be kind.

version: June 7th, 2021