St John Passion, 300 years later

Johann Sebastian Bach

Clari Cantores & Carmina Kamerkoor
Sat 23/03/2024 - 20:00

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Good Friday, 7 April 1724. In Leipzig, the St John Passion is sung for the very first time under the direction of the 39-year-old humble cantor and organist: Johann Sebastian Bach. Now, 300 years later, this timeless masterpiece is still being performed. It is a balm for the soul in the Easter season.

This passion, which was special to Bach himself, is a dazzling oratorio with a starring role for the choir. It can shine in the many turbae, the short, expressive interludes in which the choir represents ‘the people’.

This passion story differs from that of the three other evangelists Matthew, Marc and Luke. The emphasis is on the divine origin of Jesus, incarnate son of God.

Bach often performed the St John Passion himself and - as was common at the time - continued to tinker with the score until shortly before his death.

Together with conductor Michiel Haspeslagh, the choirs Clari Cantores from Leuven and Carmina Kamerkoor from Meise are signing up for this anniversary performance. Haspeslagh has earned his stripes as a singer in many professional baroque ensembles and has been widely applauded as a conductor for his lively interpretations of various baroque oratorios. For this performance of the St John Passion, Haspeslagh is surrounded by baroque orchestra The Company!. Flanked by top soloists of international standing and by his two outstanding choirs Clari Cantores and Carmina Kamerkoor, this St John Passion will be a treat for the ears.

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choir Clari Cantores and Carmina Kamerkoor soloists  Annelies Van Gramberen (soprano), Bart Uvyn (altus), Kevin Skelton (evangelist), Kevin Skelton (tenor arias), Gunther Vandeven (Christ) and Lieven Termont (basaria’s) orchestra The Company! conductor  Michiel Haspeslag