Gert-Jan Dreessen Quartet & Kris Defoort solo

Thu 16/11/2023 - 20:00

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€ 21 (section 1) - check our reductions

Change of program

Singer Veronika Harcsa has to revise her schedule for the upcoming weeks due to unforeseen (medical) circumstances. Unfortunately, this means she will not be able to attend the upcoming Belgian performances with Kris Defoort for the release of 'Pieces of Peace'.

As a result, Kris Defoort will perform a solo piano concert that evening instead of performing with his band. 

Ticket holders will receive a personal message regarding this.


Gert-Jan Dreessen is an up-and-coming drummer who can push a band of talented musicians to great heights. Despite his age, he has already impressed many people in various contexts: from traditional jazz to contemporary jazz and experiments with strings. He is also the driving force behind a new quartet, in which he works with talented musicians from the Belgian jazz scene. 

Pianist Bram De Looze needs no introduction: he has become one of our big names and plays together with international stars (MixMonk, Ikue Mori, etc.). Bassist Cyrille Obermüller is a multifaceted anchor active in contemporary jazz (Bruno Vansina Quintet) and cross-over (HAST); Jean-Paul Estiévenart, on the other hand, is one of the most impressive trumpeters in the Belgian jazz scene, who has found the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary inspiration. This combination already captures the imagination, but it will truly exceed expectations during their live performances.

Jazz pianist and composer Kris Defoort joins musical forces with Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa. The repertoire of his newly composed song cycle presents joyful, melancholic, sparkling and intimate musical reflections on the poems of William Blake and Fernando Pessoa, among others. This colourful collection of music embraces the human voice in all of its aspects, mixing improvised compositions with composed improvisations.

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