Canticum Novum


Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2023
Tue 25/07/2023 - 12:15

Ticket prices

  • € 6 ticket (programme guide included)
  • Pass 5 tickets: € 27 (€ 3 reduction) - Pass 10 tickets: € 52 (€ 8 reduction) - more info
  • free for children under the age of 13 (accompanied by an adult)
  • € 1,20 with UiTPAS social rate - no other reductions

Aleppo, a cosmopolitan city

Welcome on an enchanting journey to ancient Syria and the incredible cultural and musical wealth of Aleppo, the city that once was a jewel of the Near East. At the crossroads of Spanish repertoires and traditional Syrian pieces, we follow the journey of the Arab-Andalusians who, after the fall of Granada, chose to return to the land of their ancestors. Samâ-ï evokes the mutual musical fertilization of the cultures that were present at the time.

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CANTICIM NOVA: Gülay Hacer Toruk (vocals, saz and percussion) - Emmanuel Bardon (vocals) - Valérie Dulac (vielle and lira da braccio) - Aliocha Regnard (nyckelharpa and fidula) - Bayan Rida (oud and vocals) - Spyros Halaris (kanun, laouto and vocals) - Artyom Minasyan (duduk and zurna) - Ismaël Mesbahi (percussion)