Avishai, Anat en Yuval Cohen
Fri 17/06/2022 - 20:00
Music, Jazz
90' zonder pauze

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Welcoming the three Cohens together to our stage is something to look forward to. Since they were young, they have been playing together and have released four albums. However, they haven’t performed on stage together that often, due to their own separate careers.

Avishai Cohen, the youngest brother, is now an internationally sought-after star trumpeter. He released several fantastic albums on the ECM label and was an artist in residence at the 2018 Jazz Middelheim Festival. During our Leuven Jazz 2022 festival, he starred in a wonderful duet with American pianist Fred Hersch.

Saxophonist Yuval Cohen is busy touring as a musician, but he is also a popular teacher at several schools. He leads the jazz department of the Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv.

Anat Cohen is currently leading a ten-member band as a powerful tenor saxophonist and clarinettist. She also released a duo album with pianist Fred Hersch (the artist in residence at the 2022 Leuven Jazz festival).

Great momentum, wonderfully intuitive interplay, beautiful dynamics ... the two brothers and sister effortlessly complement each other. Thanks to the pure chemistry and telepathy between three strong characters, this is a feast for the ears.

For this live gig, they're joined by pianist Yonathan Avishai.

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