Since June 2021, the Velodrome has been a lively place in the center of Leuven, thanks to the input of residents, local organizers, Culture Centre 30CC and the City of Leuven. The wooden cycling track - an artwork by Bruno Herzeele and Elke Thuy – has proved to be a place for cultural interaction, reflecting the desired role of the future performing arts site that will be constructed here.

The Velodrome will expand

With the support of the European Varcities project , the Velodrome will expand in 2024 with a unique artwork by Jozef Wouters and Menno Vandevelde of Decoratelier  in Molenbeek, known for its exemplary scenography and art in public spaces. Think, for example, of the outdoor swimming pool FLOW in Anderlecht (Brussels).

For the concept and construction of the new artwork, Decoratelier opts for a participatory approach: realizing it together with residents, young people from Leuven and Molenbeek and everyone who would like to help.

Project Stages

  • November/December 2023: planning the project
  • February/March 2024: prefabrication with a group of young people from Leuven and Molenbeek in Decoratelier
  • March 2024: construction phase on the site in Leuven, with anyone who wants to help
  • March 30, 2024 (provisional date): festive opening

(c) Reinhard Deman