Zone X

Kyoko Scholiers
Thu 21/04/2022 - 20:00
Sat 23/04/2022 - 18:00

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theatrical walk through Leuven center, starting at the Schouwburg


An unusual, futuristic city tour in 2124. A guide shows you post-apocalyptic Leuven where time has stood still since the 2020s. Leuven has been turned into an open-air museum.

What will future generations think about our present age in a hundred years' time? What will be our legacy? That is what creative artist Kyoko Scholiers asks herself in her latest work. Zone X is a futuristic city tour for tourists. The performance is set in 2124. Guide Miko takes 15 spectators on a tour through an area that was sealed off from the world after The Disaster of 2034. Time has stood still there, the local population still lives there as if it was 2020!

Miko analyses our traces with passion and surprise, walking through these lively ruins of the early 21st century. She mercilessly scrutinises our contemporary way of thinking and acting, and closely observes us like the bizarre creatures we will seem to be for future generations. A lot of information has been lost, so Miko’s interpretations have to be quite creative from time to time.

Kyoko Scholiers is an artist, theatre maker and actress. Her recent theatre work is deals with human fragility, resilience and the influence of time on humans. For Zone X, Scholiers did meticulous research, talking to sociologists and scientists who study the future. Bjorn Eriksson composed the soundscape for her play.

This performance is also available in Dutch.

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concept, text and direction Kyoko Scholiers music Bjorn Erikssonplay Daisy Ip, Taka Shamoto et al voice Nathalie Delcroix costumes Marie Dries dramaturgy Tom Hannes and Maya Van Leemput technical design Jeroen Vandesande poster image Mario Debaene co-production KAAP, IN SITU/C-takt, NEXT Arts Festival, Het Laatste Bedrijf with support of the Flemish Government, the city of Antwerp, Corso and the Belgian Tax Shelter thanks to Universiteit Antwerpen, Stedelijk Lyceum Cadix, De Kunsthumaniora and OKAN