Wooden Elephant (UK) plays DrukQs & Dorian Dumont (FR)

double bill

Wed 05/03/2025 - 20:00

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An evening in honour of the intelligence dance music bij Aphex Twin. Wooden Elephant and pianist Dorian Dumont incorporate his work in their own.

Aphex Twin, the alias of Richard David James, is a British musician and producer. He was described by The Guardian as the most inventive and influential musician in contemporary electronic music. Twin is also one of the pioneers of intelligent dance music.

Classical collective Wooden Elephant, founded by Ian Anderson (London Contemporary Orchestra) chooses adventure. They edit albums and retranslate music on classical or analogue instruments made of wood, steel and horsehair. Think of it as an alternative journey through classical electronica. Previously, Wooden Elephant has worked on classic albums by Björk, Radiohead and Beyoncé. This time, they are adapting DrukQs, Aphex Twin’s epic double album, for which they invited Mathias Halvorsen, a composer familiar with prepared piano.

Pianist Dorian Dumont, known from the acclaimed electro-jazz band REAL!, is also a big fan of Aphex Twin's music. With a solo project focusing entirely on Twin's music, he embarks on a challenging exercise. After a first and acclaimed album, APHEXionS (live at Piano Day Leuven in 2023), Dumont drives his quest further. Presenting his latest record To the APhEX, he captures both the simple beauty and unruly complexity of Aphex Twin.

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