The Space Between
Wed 01/12/2021 - 20:00
Thu 02/12/2021 - 20:00

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a multimedia documentary performed live by The Space Between: Katharina Smets, Ingrid Leonard & Inne Eysermans in collaboration with Marsha Music, Wayne Juuni & Desmond Love

So there came a day, when I was asked to welcome
A trio of women, from the country of Belgium

Full of skill and excitement and keen intellect
They had come to America, anxious to connect

With their fellow country-folk who, in the old day
Created a new homeland at the Cadieux Café
But to their surprise there were many odd tropes
Like looking at Belgium through kaleidoscopes

And soon they found out, they had much more to learn
About this Black city, and my real concern
Was that they come to know, while they’re on their hustle,
That the story’s more, than just bowling and mussels

Marsha Music

With LAND, podcast producer Katharina Smets, sound artist Inne Eysermans and video artist Ingrid Leonard focus their gaze on a small Belgian immigrant community in Detroit. Their ancestors left Belgium hoping for a better life. Now they use old games, traditions and rituals in their own way. Together with Detroit artists Marsha Music, Wayne Juuni, and Desmond Love, we follow a group of Belgian-Americans in the middle of this superdiverse city. How do they hold on to their roots?

Chosen by The Curators, young people from Leuven.

English dialogues, with Dutch subtitles.

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Concept & Text Katharina Smets Concept & Image Ingrid Leonard Concept & Sound/Music Inne Eysermans Poetry & Guidance Marsha Music Cinematography Poem & Locations Detroit Desmond Love Location Sound Mixer & Location Scouting Wayne Juuni Production Juliet Hinely Set Design & Construction Samyra Moumouh & Hans Demeulenaere Graphic Design Mo Neuharth Light Design & Technical Assistance Jannes Dierynck / Brecht Beuselinck Technical Advice Gertjan Biasino Translations Lies Lavrijsen & Nathalie Tabury Management Klein Verzet VZW Coproduction LOD Muziektheater, Kunstencentrum Vooruit & C-TAKT Support the Government of Flanders

Special thanks to Selm Wenselaers, Jerome Lemenu, Anna Marie Vanneste Swarthout, Maurice Vanneste, Cheryl Heckla, Margaret Roets & the Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans, Marc Tirikian, Ron Devos & the Belgian Feather Bowling Club of the Cadieux Café

LAND is part of Katharina’s PhD on the auditory imagination at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp and University of Antwerp

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