On the unwritten rules of our DIY society

Collectief dOFt
Sat 15/01/2022 - 19:00
Theatre, Dance, Family
Easy language
8-14 yrs

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An accessible and humorous dance performance in which three dummies hold up a mirror to the clumsiness of our do-it-yourself society. The movement language of the three dummies is impressive thanks to the quick, acrobatic partner work and the physical risks.

Our social lives are governed by countless unwritten rules. Queuing while waiting, bringing cake when it’s your birthday, saying ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes, … It all seems self-evident. In DUMMIES, we see three individuals who are unaware of these rules and find themselves in situations where such knowledge may be useful. All they have left is their instincts. And that could result in funny yet painful situations … They have an equal chance of understanding each other. Or will they clash in their ignorance?

Relevant and recognisable, DUMMIES  playfully demonstrates the absurdity of our customs and gives us a different perspective on what we consider ‘normal’

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concept and choreography Piet Van Dycke final direction and music Jonas Vermeulen dance and play Julia Van Rooijen, Georgia Begbie and Piet Van Dycke scenography Menno Boerdam preliminary investigation Diarmuid Armstrong, Laetitia Janssens and Seppe Bauters dramaturgical advice Marie Peeters production Collectief dOFt co-production HET LAB Hasselt production management Sam Cunningham technic Daan tytgat, Maarten Brants and Anton Spiessens thanks to deRUIMTE, 30CC and PLAN

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