Cabana Belgicana

Johan Heldenbergh, Roland Van Campenhout, …
Wed 04/10/2023 - 20:00

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€ 24 (section 1) - € 22 (section 2) - € 17 (section 3)

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Johan Heldenbergh, Roland Van Campenhout, Nils De Caster and Sara De Smedt are hopelessly in love with the idea of love. They think there is only one language that captures both the pain and the fun of desire, that speaks of restless enjoyment, melancholy and bemused sobbing: music! This language excels in a humble, direct, virtuoso, funny, sad and all-embracing simplicity and is spoken, in their case, in chords and snares.

Cabana Belgicana’s musical playground spans the prairie of americana, blues and country music. Americana is more than a genre, it is a feeling, a way of life, an attitude.

Become part of the friendship and camaraderie on stage and imagine yourself in the Appalachian Mountains at sunset.

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