Radio Oorwoud
Sun 19/11/2023 - 11:00
Easy language
5 -12 year

Ticket prices

€ 12 - check our reductions

Fun-loving band Radio Oorwoud tours the Flemish theatres with their show BEEST OF!, playing their most catchy songs from their first three CDs. Get ready for tumbling otters and bad-tempered wood lice, while overly enthusiastic elephants tread the boards and ask children to yell along. Radio Oorwoud is all about raising the roof in an environmentally responsible manner. They sing about all sorts of animals, thus raising awareness about nature among children. Their songs are danceable, a bit naughty and full of humour.

Radio Oorwoud has been on the barricades since 2012. Founded by WWF and Hannelore Bedert, the band has become a favourite of children and parents alike. The formula is well-known: singalongs which call for environmental action.

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