9,6 (a defence)

Het nieuwstedelijk
Thu 15/02/2024 - 20:00
City company

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Pay what you can: € 25 - € 22 - € 20 - € 16 - € 10

  • This performance also plays on Thu 22 & Fr 23 Feb in OPEK (Dutch spoken,English surtitled)
  • This performance also plays on Thu 29 Feb in 30CC/Schouwburg (Dutch spoken, English surtitled)

A climate scientist goes berserk.
An activist glues herself to a work of art.
The prime minister opts for what’s feasible and affordable.
And then there is the little girl with pigtails. She too.

In a time when oil companies spend more money on lawyers to silence citizens than on environmental fines. In a time when farmers who defend their land against multinationals are sued themselves. In a time when citizens who take action are condemned, while the real culprits can buy off prosecution. In such a time, a woman speaks to us. She takes the floor. She makes her voice heard.

A rhythmic and musical solo performance, a tribute to the power of the voice, between slam poetry and spoken word.

  • with Dutch surtitles

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text and direction Stijn Devillé with Sara Vertongen video Walter Verdin music Bert Hornikx final music Joy Adegoke dramaturgy Els Theunis scenography Bart Van Merode costume Joëlle Meerbergen sound design Tom Buys