The Seasons Revisited

Vivaldi meets Richter

Ataneres Ensemble
Thu 23/11/2023 - 20:00

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€ 20 (section 1) - € 18 (section 2) 

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Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons is still the most famous piece of classical music of all time. Timeless genius. British composer Max Richter made his own recomposed version of the piece. The result is a renewed classical masterpiece with a stunning minimal sound that, at the same time, retains Vivaldi’s recognisable themes.

Ataneres will play four surprising works by Flemish masters such as Dirk Brossé and François Glorieux prior to the performance of the Four Seasons Recomposed. Each of those works refers to the atmosphere of a specific season.

Ataneres Ensemble always performs delightfully accessible and high-quality classical music with a fresh sound. For this project, Ataneres Ensemble has collaborated with violinist Nicolas Dupont. His refined musical intuition, virtuoso technique and honest way of playing are perfectly suited to the extremely diverse challenges of the new version of an ancient musical reference.

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with Nicolas Dupont (violin), Wim Spaepen (violin, artistic direction) and Ataneres Ensemble 

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