The Roaring Twenties

Släpstick (NL)
Sun 25/02/2024 - 20:00
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The Roaring Twenties: The unsurpassed, magnificent, chic, swinging, singing, stirring, moving, champagne toasting, crème de la anti-wrinkle cream experience of the decade is coming to 30CC!

An evening like never before! An Anniversary performance that revives the glory days of slapstick as delicately as it is elegant! Wind your better half around to the buzzing beat of the dance orchestras! Bathe in the splendour of the Jugendstil ballroom and revel in the decadence of the upper class....

And yes, what if the table legs are a bit wobbly?

So what, if the organ is about to collapse?

So what if the chandelier is hanging by a few loose bolts?

Everything works fine! No, everything is totally under control! Nothing can go wrong! Nothing can get in the way of this resounding Jubilee evening!

So put on your party clothes and hit the red carpet! The Roaring Twenties' is coming to the theatre and you are cordially invited!

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