Wes Peden (SE)
Wed 13/03/2024 - 19:00
8-108 yrs

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€ 16 (section 1) - € 14 (section 2)

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Perhaps the best juggler in the world, Wes Peden skilfully combines two of his passions: juggling and riding rollercoasters. Surrounded by huge inflatable blue structures and accompanied by electro beats, he brings a brightly coloured amusement park to life. Fast curves in inflatable tubes, disco juggling, rollercoasters, … Fasten your seatbelt and sit back!

Wes Peden has always felt a connection between creating juggling tricks and designing rollercoasters, because they both make use of gravity, momentum and intricate pathways. Rollercoaster rewrites the rule book and creates a safe place where the most difficult and unique juggling acts will be performed on stage.

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direction and play Wes Peden music Original music by Mika Forsling decor design inflatable structures by Félix Chameroy light design Vilhelm Montán Lindberg produced and spreading Gandini Juggling photographers Eva Lindblad and Einar Kling-Odencrants financed by Stockholms Stad and Konstnärsnämndens, Sweden with support of Subtopia, Burt Out Punks and Cirkusflätan, Sweden photo Fahimeh Hekmatandish