Mendelssohn Pianotrio

Mendelssohn, Bonis and Murphy

Trio Alba
Sun 25/02/2024 - 11:00

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Would you like to listen to the most intimate chamber music in one morning and go home with the most beautiful symphonies stuck in your head? Viennese Trio Alba has been trying to find the perfect balance and the most magnificent timbres for 15 years. It’s the only way to get this top repertoire at top level. In addition to the delightful and well-known trio repertoire – such as Mendelssohn’s – Trio Alba likes to focus on female composers, like Mel Bonis and Kelly-Marie Murphy.

Discover what Trio Alba has to offer. A trio with a violin, cello and piano can sound both extremely subtle and transparent, and orchestral with great contrasts and climaxes.

Mendelssohn composed Piano Trio No. 2 two years before his death. He was busier than ever and this feverishness can be recognised in the work he dedicated to violin virtuoso Louis Spohr. The work is characterised by a loaded and virtuoso piano part. Dynamic passages alternate with melodic moments.

In addition to the delightful and well-known trio repertoire – such as Mendelssohn – Trio Alba likes to focus on contemporary female composers. Mel Bonis was a notable figure in the Parisian music scene, who studied with César Franck. She was a talented pianist, but to give her extended oeuvre a chance, she was forced to change her name Mélanie into the gender neutral “Mel”. This is a stark contrast with the work of Canadian composer Kelly-Marie Murphy. A colourful and powerful work with a positive message.

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with Livia Sellin (violin), Philipp Comploi (cello) and Chengcheng Zhao (piano)