Les Voyages

Compagnie XY (FR)
Fri 22/09/2023
Sat 23/09/2023
Sun 24/09/2023
Mon 25/09/2023
Tue 26/09/2023 - 10:00 - 19:00
Wed 27/09/2023 - 19:00
Daytime Show, Free
several locations
in several neigbourhoods. Closing spectacle in the city park, on Wed 27 Sep
closing spectacle: 40'
This event is free

Bouts is back! After more than five centuries, the Flemish Master Dieric Bouts returns to Leuven with the New Horizons / Dieric Bouts Festival. 30CC kicks off the festival with a takeover of the Leuven streets and places the public space in a different perspective.

As a gift to the city, we are bringing the world-famous Compagnie XY to Leuven with their widely acclaimed Les Voyages project. Belgian premiere!

Les Voyages

The twenty acrobats of the French Company XY put the city in a different perspective and offer you a slight distortion of reality.

With a unique production tailored to Leuven, this international top company appears for six days in various neighbourhoods in and around the city. Sometimes grand, sometimes very intimate, each acrobatic intervention offers you a new perspective on buildings, neighbourhoods and landscapes

Their interventions are unannounced, but their Voyage ends with a grand apotheosis in the city park on Wednesday, September 27. This event not only promises amazing acrobatics but also a fresh look at Leuven and its surroundings

Company XY

For 17 years, Compagnie XY has been exploring the art of acrobatics, especially the technique of 'carrying'. This French company is without a doubt one of the most renowned representatives of the circus genre in the world. While staying true to the basics of this circus form, they challenge the traditional rules and play with different acrobatic styles and moves. They put this art back in the middle of the world.

They challenge traditional ideas about masses and audiences and explore new ways of interacting within the same space and time. They also investigate how individuals relate to a group and how they behave in different social settings.

Cie XY is more than just a company; it is a tight-knit community that values ​​each individual's expertise and ideas. They work together in a creative process where no one is above the other. This approach permeates their daily work and results in special works of art.

Dive into this compelling philosophy and experience Cie XY's commitment to the public. They create large-scale works of art for theatres, public spaces and other venues, directly involving the public. Explore new perspectives in circus theatre and art with Cie XY!

> Part of New Horizons / Dieric Bouts festival

Part of the New Horizons / Dieric Bouts festival