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Nathan Grossman
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ZED vanuit je zetel presents ‘I Am Greta’, an inspiring chronicle of one of the most unexpected leadership figures in recent history: Greta Thunberg. Her activism, which inspired young activists from around the world to follow her example, was the cause of some of the world’s largest protests in Belgium.

In August 2018, a 15-year-old girl sits outside the Swedish parliament building holding a cardboard sign: 'Skolstrejk förklimatet'. At the time, hardly anyone knows who Greta is, but when young Swedish filmmaker Nathan Grossman hears about her action, he decides to follow her from day one. Grossman has no idea where it will all lead: the unexpected emergence of this girl with Asperger's syndrome as the leader of a generation and the source of inspiration for a global mass movement.

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with Nathan Grossmann en Greta Thunberg production B-Reel Films

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