De Cuyper vs De Cuyper

1.5 meter sessions

Cie Pol & Freddy
Fri 14/08/2020 - 20:30

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€ 5

In ‘De Cuyper vs De Cuyper’, two juggling brothers compete against each other. In their multifunctional sports arena they enter - with mixed success - in a diverse series of competitions. It's a performance packed with braveness, fair play and rule-bending.

Cie Pol en Freddy are internationally renowned for their innovative and surprising juggling performances. In this show, you'll witness the perpetual competition between two brothers to determine who's the best juggler.

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with Bram Dobbelaere, Jordaan De Cuyper en Sander De Cuyper coaching Benjamin de Matteïs (Cie Sacékripa) jongleercoach Eric Longequel (Cie Ea Eo & Cie Défracto) sound Jan Bulckaen (Rits Brussel)