Wed 11/12/2019 - 15:00 Tickets
Theatre, Family
ages 4 to 6

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In 'TATTARRATTAT!' (*) species and individuals rise up, under, between, next to, above, behind or opposite each other. Plank hits Beam, Woman runs in to herself, Big watches Small. Abstract chitchats with its spitting image or squabbles with Concrete. What does Blue sound like? What is Flat doing? How many is Solid?

'TATTARRATTAT!' is a moving visual work that labels, classifies, ordens but also dances, sings and dreams.
A festive discovery into difference and resemblance, to be experienced and interpreted by children and parents.

(*) Tattarrattat is the longuest palindrome in the Oxford English Dictionary. James Joyce used it in 'Ulyssis' (1922).

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cast Tina Heylen, Eva Binon, Patrick Vervueren and Ephraim Cielen technique Anton Leysen or Klaartje Vermeulen costume and design Tina Heylen coproduction Theater FroeFroe 


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