Strings in the House

1.5 meter sessions

Thu 13/08/2020 - 20:30 Tickets
Music, Classical

Ticket prices

€ 5

In this unique programme, Ataneres intertwines classical music with house, techno and modern classical. Compositions by Nils Frahm, Philip Glass, Clint Mansell, Aphex Twin, Moby, Arvo Pärt and others are fused in an unusual synergy. The result is a convincing, compelling and solid work of art.

Ataneres is a young, professional string orchestra with roots in Leuven. Besides the established repertoire for strings, they also focus on highly original combinations of different musical styles.

Under the artistic direction of violinist Wim Spaepen, the orchestra collaborates with renowned musicians such as Lore Binon, Yannick Van de Velde, Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort, Karel Deseure, Roeland Hendrikx, Piet Swerts and Steve Willaert. In their experienced interplay, the musicians form an interactive and tight ensemble, with an active and lively style of playing.

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