Performing the self - the interview

Enrica Camporesi and Elena Mazzi
Wed 16/10/2019 - 20:00

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A man and a woman are sitting opposite each other. A protection officer and an asylum seeker are waiting for an interpreter. For a short while, two people try to communicate honestly without words in a hierarchical situation and to reveal something about themselves as well as to understand the other.

An intimate, poetic and philosophical dialogue on credibility and trust, language and translatability, cultural misunderstandings and the expression of your own truth.  

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text, regie en vormgeving Enrica Camporesi en Elena Mazzi with Maya Sannen and Fady Alghorra coaches Mokhalled Rasem, Koen Van Kaam and Kristin Rogghe film Daniele Alef Grillo video technicus Milan De Wael - Luca Mattei production: d e t h e a t e r m a k e r en THALIELAB in coproduction met Vooruit with support of WIPCOOP / MAP, Stad Antwerpen and Musumeci Contemporary i.s.m. Schrijfatelier Zuidpool, Rataplan, Troubleyn/labo and Victoria Deluxe image Radovan Dranga

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