Lassus Grand Cru

musical wine tasting

Stefaan Degand and Zefiro Torna
Wed 06/11/2019 - 20:00
Music, Classical

Ticket prices

€ 20 (concert)
€ 10 (wine tasting - no reductions)

You don’t experience a musical wine tasting session every day! Let yourself be transported by the music written by Renaissance composer Orlandus Lassus and some of his contemporaries. Sometimes poetic, sometimes scabrous, vulgar or even erotic. This music matches perfectly with an exquisite selection of wines you will be able to taste during the performance. They have been carefully selected from the European regions where Lassus stayed.

Countertenor and certified wine expert Steve Dugardin and actor Stefaan Degand will entertain the public with some delightful petty facts.

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with Stefaan Degand (word), Cécile Kempenaers (soprano), Steve Dugardin (countertenor and master of ceremonies), Jan Van Elsacker (tenor), Florian Götz (bass), An Van Laethem (renaissance violin), Dimos de Beun (recorder), Philippe Malfeyt (viola da mano en colascione) and Jurgen De bruyn (lute, renaissance guitar and artistic direction)