Hohe Messe - CANCELLED

Johann Sebastian Bach

BachPlus Ensemble
Wed 27/05/2020 - 20:00
Music, Classical
performance canceled due to corona measures.

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This season, BachPlus performs the 'High Mass' (Hohe Messe), Bach’s monumental testament and opus ultimum. 

Bach uses the age-old text of the Latin mass as the basis for an exciting succession of wonderful arias, lively duets and impressive choral parts. Bach switches quickly and seemingly effortlessly between various emotions which are sometimes at opposite ends of the spectrum. Going from the tormented consciousness of guilt in Crucifixus to the extatic jubilation of Et resurrecit is only a small step for Bach. 

His 'Hohe Messe' is generally considered the synthesis of Bach’s musical genius and is an absolute highlight of Western classical music. We have selected the recently restored St. Michael’s Church as the appropriate location for this marvellous Baroque music.

Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Missa in h', BWV 232 - 'Hohe Messe'

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artistic direction Bart Naessens