Flemish Flavors

Ataneres Ensemble
Thu 17/10/2019 - 20:00
Music, Classical

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€ 16 (section 1) - € 14 (section 2) - € 11 (section 3)

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Ataneres Ensemble is a young and energetic string orchestra from Leuven. They are gradually conquering the Flemish musical landscape with their fresh sound and exceptional thematic programmes.
In Flemish Flavors, Ataneres performs melodious top-quality film music by Flemish composers. In this production, Ataneres reverses roles for once. The music gets the leading part, while the accompanying footage helps create an atmosphere in the background. Flemish Flavors provides the audience with a unique insight into the world of film music.

  • Frédéric Devreese - 'Préludes'
  • Piet Swerts - 'Suite Atlantic'
  • Pieter Schuermans - 'Novelettes'
  • Koen De Wolf - 'Impressions'
  • Steve Willaert - 'Suite Citizen Lane'

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concertmaster Wim Spaepen director Pieter Schuermans

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