Dance for actress (Jolente De Keersmaeker)

Jérôme Bel en tg STAN
Tue 21/09/2021 - 20:30
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Youngsters (12+)

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For Dance for actress, the French choreographer Jérôme Bel sent out a request to experienced actresses from around the world. Instead of asking them to play roles from the theatre repertoire, he asked they perform modern dance pieces. When dancing, in the absence of technical dance qualities, the actresses focus on interpreting the choreography rather than impeccably performing the movements. Form makes space for meaning, external features for internalisation, portrayal for experience, and the spectacle for the event. It is precisely this vulnerability – the balance between strength and weakness, depth and inexperience – that interests Bel.

Bel invited actress Jolente de Keersmaeker (STAN) to create her interpretation of iconic dance solos - from Isadora Duncan to Pina Bausch. An intimate and highly personal recital of an array of solo performances from contemporary dance history, at the intersection of dance and theatre, choreography and language, movement and words, body and imagination.

Presented by STUK.

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concept Jérôme Bel with Jolente De Keersmaeker production tg STAN co-production R.B. Jérôme Bel, tg STAN, CAMPO photo Herman Sorgeloos