Bach & Berio - Free Solo

Roel Dieltiens (cello) and New European Ensemble
Sun 13/10/2019 - 10:00
Sun 13/10/2019 - 14:30
Sun 13/10/2019 - 19:00
Music, Classical
Daytime Show
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Free solo is a concept from mountaineering: climbing a steep rock face without any protective equipment. This concert day is its musical equivalent. On the one hand, the programme includes Johann Sebastian Bach’s six Cello Suites as the symbol of musical profoundness and contemplation. On the other hand, there is the performance of Luciano Berio’s fourteen Sequenze composed between 1958 and 2002 for the most divers instruments. Old and new engage in a continuous dialogue between simplicity and complexity, heaven and earth, life and death.

Roel Dieltiens will perform another tour de force by playing the entire Bach cycle in a single day. Without any doubt, he is one of the most talented interpeters of these compositions. Without bluff or ostentation, he goes to the essence of this pure and intense music. For the impressive series of Sequenze, the New European Ensemble relies on a few of the finest soloists. The range of solo instruments includes flute, trombone, violin, alto saxophone, guitar, accordion and cello.

 Johann Sebastian Bach - 'Suites voor Cello' Solo I-VI

  • Luciano Berio - 'Sequenza’s' I-XIV


9.00 - 9.50 uur     Toelichting over de Bach Cello Suites / Ignace Bossuyt
10.00 - 12.30 uur  Concert 1: Suites 2 & 4
                            Sequenza’s I flute - II harp - III vrouwenstem - IV piano - V trombone - VI viola

13.30 - 14.20 uur  Toelichting over de Berio Sequenza’s / Mark Delaere

14.30 - 17.00 uur  Concert 2: Suites 6 & 1
                            Sequenza’s VII hobo - VIII violin - IX clarinet - X trumpet & piano

19.00 - 21.30 uur  Concert 3: Suites 3 & 5
                            Sequenza XI guitar - XII bassoon - XIII accordion - XIV cello

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with Roel Dieltiens (cello) and solisten New European Ensemble production 30CC and Festival20/21