Almeraya Flamenca

Support: Myrrdin & Imre

Wed 13/11/2019 - 20:00 Tickets

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Once upon a time, the Spanish province of Almería was the least developed region in Andalusia. Furthermore, Spain as a whole was lagging for much of the previous century. 

However, this arid province has now taken a giant step forward. Thanks to the current prosperity and the recently gained confidence, the local flamenco scene has thrived as well. The most remarkable young flamenco talents come from this region.

We've gathered the finest dancers, guitarist and singers in this production 'Almeraya' (referring to the ancient Morish name for Almería). 'Almeraya Flamenca' stands for history, talent and self-respect. But above all, it is pure and fascinating flamenco!

with Tony Santiago ‘El Negrillo’ (dance), Inés García ‘Inés de Inés’ (dance), Cristo Heredia (vocals), Edu García (vocals) and David Delgado ‘El Niño de la Fragua’ (guitar)


- Jaleos, presentation
- Cantes de Levante, Cristo Heredia
- Baile por Alegrías, Inés de Inés
- Instrumental por Bulerías
- Cante por Tangos, Edu García
- Baile por Soleá, Tony Santiago
- Fandangos a Cané
- Fin de Fiesta por Bulerías

Support: Myrddin & Imre

Myrddin De Cauter
, the youngest son of multi-instrumentalist Koen De Cauter, is a true phenomenon in contemporary music. At the age of 14, he discovered the richness and originality of the flamenco guitar. He set off to Spain to learn from the greatest guitarists, such as Gerardo Nuñez and Manolo Sanlucar.
Soon, he proved to be not just a flamenco guitarist, but an exceptional talent. His technical virtuosity, his lust for experiments and a deep lyrical feeling all blend marvellously. His most recent album 'Rosa de Papel' is a clear demonstration that not all great flamenco virtuosos necessarily have Spanish roots.

Imre, Myrddin's daughter and cellist, made her debut with her father at ‘Ghent Jazz 2018’. A beautiful career is sure to begin as the musical family De Cauter presents its youngest generation.

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