30CC mission statement

For everyone, with everyone

30CC is a house with myriad chambers. A dollhouse with countless figurines. A multi-course buffet. We work for everyone, with everyone, servicing as many audiences as possible. Junior and senior. Traditional and alternative. Amateur and professional. Disadvantaged and privileged. [blank] and [blank].


We are never afraid to commit. 30CC is an agent of connection between audience, creators and the world as a whole. We want to amaze and amuse, but want to do this in ways that engage people, that evoke response, that keep people on their toes… 30CC is a house of cohabitation.

There is a light…

30CC is the engine of cultural life in Leuven. We make sure there is always something happening in this city. We do not curate atop an ivory tower but from an incessant curiosity as to what captivates our audience and what might captivate them in the future. You can see it all – often earlier than anywhere else – in Leuven!


30CC is not a cumbersome carrier fleet but a strong tugboat that dares to take charge. We bring spirit to the area. We do this not only by bringing great performances to our stage but also by making the city an important cultural epicentre. We offer know-how and enthusiasm to anyone who is as infatuated with culture as we are. We try to engage with as many other cultural houses as possible. We join in interesting endeavours.

A house of trust

30CC indulges with the best, finest, most precious, most engaging, exciting and hilarious things the performing arts have to offer. An unexpected twist or curious change of pace are no exception.


30CC is one of the fore-runners in the Flemish cultural field. Riding upfront means daring to take risks. Besides a giant diorama we also try to be a small laboratory working on the ideas of tomorrow. We unabashedly support our artists and raise sanctuaries wherein they can excel. Instead of resting idle in our nests we explore the city to find (out about) our audience. We do not always colour within the lines but dare to venture outside of convention. We connect to audience and artist.

Unremarkably remarkable

30CC wants to stand out in an inconspicuous way. We do not want to draw attention to us by shouting from the rooftops. We want to entice and stimulate natural curiosity with our programming and communication. We are convinced subtlety and originality will always prevail in the long run.

Shared beauty

Wonderous experiences become even more filled with wonder when shared. It might even turn out that such an experience is a cultural expression. 30CC wants to create such experiences: a festive moment in ideal circumstances.