General conditions

  • Tickets for our 2023-2024 programme are available as of Saturday, June 10th, 10 AM.
    On the first day, you purchase a maximum of 10 tickets per event.
  • Most of our events have numbered seating. You can choose your seat(s) in the venue plan.
  • The ticket price is valid per person.
    At family events, parents/companions also require a ticket.
  • Ticket prices always include transaction costs. If you have no email address and want to receive your transfer, invoice or tickets by post, you will be charged a shipping fee of € 2.
  • We offer several payment methods per sales point. You can find them on the Tickets page.
    If you pay by credit card, the amount is debited directly from your card at the time of purchase.
  • If you shop online, then you will receive your ticket by email.
    You can then download this ticket to your smartphone and store it in your Wallet app.
    It is advisable to print your ticket in at least A5 size so it's easier to scan at the venue entrance.
  • If you made a reservation by telephone, you can pay via bank transfer (sent to you by email) or at the ticket desk.
    You must pay within 7 days, or your reservation will be cancelled automatically.
    After we have received payment, you will receive your tickets at the ticket desk (printed out) or by email.
  • If you are wheelchair-bound or you have impaired mobility, partial sight or hearing impairment, then we are happy to provide a special seating arrangement. Our ticket team is at your disposal via, 016 27 40 00 or at the Ticket desk (check the opening hours).
    We accept the European Disability Card so that your companion is allowed in for free. And of course, if you have an assistance dog, it is also more than welcome.
  • We do not take back, refund, sell on or exchange sold tickets at the demand of our customers.
    We only refund tickets in case of cancellation. If the event is postponed, your tickets remain valid.
  • Buy your tickets for our events only at 30CC.
    The Law of July 30, 2013, applies to all our sales. This implies that regulated forms of reselling tickets (even without profit) are prohibited. The occasional reselling of tickets with profit is also prohibited. Tickets that are bought in violation of this ban are invalid. We reserve the right to block these tickets and refuse its holder access to the event.
  • If you have lost or forgotten your tickets, you can request a duplicate in advance via, 016 27 40 00 or at the Ticket desk (check the opening hours).
    Doing so at the venue's ticket booth will cost you a duplication fee of € 0,50 per ticket.
  • Family shows always mention a minimum age requirement.
    We must insist you respect this, to ensure children, parents and performers all get an enjoyable experience.
    Babies are only allowed at specific events for this age section (mainly PIEP).
  • We strive to start our performances on time.
    In general, once a performance has started, entrance is no longer allowed. By exception, we do allow entrance during intervals or breaks, in which case you must follow the instructions of our staff. Your reserved seat is at that point no longer guaranteed.
    Latecomers have no right to refund or any other form of reimbursement.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take pictures or make sound or video recordings during performances. This also applies to mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

Company details

Correspondance address: VZW 30CC, Rijschoolstraat 4 bus 0004, 3000 Leuven

Legal address: VZW 30CC, Professor Van Overstraetenplein 1, 3000 Leuven
enterprise number: BE 450 701 689
no VAT number

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