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Opera Melancholica

A horror story by Edgar Allan Poe set to Philip Glass’s minimal music makes you experience fantastic visions and terrifying phantasms.
OPERA2DAY & New European Ensemble
Fri 06/03/2020 - 20:00

La Sonnambula (operatrip)

Vincenzo Bellini

'La Sonnambula' features some terrific arias for the soprano who can sing the part of Amina with lots of coloratura.
Opéra Royal de Wallonie
Tue 17/03/2020 - 18:30

Così fan tutte (operatrip)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Every vocal soloist is mirrored by a Rosas dancer. Their production is a melancholy meditation on longing and death and the complexity of the psyche.
Opera Vlaanderen Antwerpen
Thu 14/05/2020 - 18:00

Net gemist: herbeleef de laatste 30CC voorstellingen

A Call to Prayer

Indian ragas, Arab melodies and impressionist creations by Marais go hand in hand in this unique concert.
Ghalia Benali (vocals), Romina Lischka (viola da gamba) en Vincent Noiret (double bass)

Conversation with the rain

A couple loses their daughter. The next day, the woman is offered a job in Singapore as a reseacher in nanotechnology. They decide to choose life!
Stijn Devillé and Het nieuwstedelijk

Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved

Caeyers portrays Beethoven as a vulnerable artist who succeeded in translating his deeply felt emotions into the most beautiful, unparalleled music.
Jan Caeyers and Piet Kuijken (piano)