Zomer van Sint-Pieter 2019: Jean-Luc Votano (clarinet), Quatuor Danel

Jean-Luc Votano (clarinet), Marc Danel (violin), Gilles Millet (violin), Vlad Bogdanas (viola), Yovan Markovitch (cello)
Fri 12/07/2019 - 12:15
Music, Classical, festival
Daytime Show
Tickets and passes are available in presale as of Tuesday June 25th, 12.00 h.

Ticket prices

€ 6 (programme guide included) - € 1,20 with UiTPAS reduction rate
under the age of 12: free

Concert pas (10 tickets): € 48
Festival pass (35 tickets): € 150

no other reductions

Mozart composed his Quintet for clarinet and strings for his friend and fellow freemason Anton Stadler. The latter was a pioneering clarinet player, as this instrument was still in full development at that time. This innovative work is still regarded as one of the most successful compositions for this instrumentation.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Quintet for clarinet and strings in A major, K. 581