Wim Mertens

The Sound of Piano

Sun 06/10/2019 - 20:00
Music, Classical, festival

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Flemish pianist and composer Wim Mertens has been among the absolute top performers of classical music for several decades.  He no longer needs any introduction. His catalogue now includes more than 68 albums. His music can he heard in films, stage plays, dance performances, television shows and radio broadcasts, and has conquered the hearts of a broad public. Struggle for pleasure, Often a bird, Iris and Close cover are just a few well-known examples.

On the occasion of this festival, the maestro will perform the triptych Cran aux Oeufs in Leuven. Together with two other musicians, he will play parts of the triptych as well as other well-known compositions. The Cran aux Oeufs trilogy takes contemporary Brussels, ancient Rome and ancient Greece as central themes. It is a musi-fiction triptych that explores the connections between song, poetry and truth. 

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with Wim Mertens (piano and voice), Jolente De Maeyer (violin) en Lode Vercampt (cello)