Willen Meten Wat Wij Weten

LAP vzw
Sun 10/10/2021 - 15:00
Theatre, Dance, Family
Easy language
6-10 yrs

Ticket prices

€ 10 - check our reductions

Willen Meten Wat Wij Weten is a physical performance in which dance and live music are brought together. It is an exploration of what the truth is and how it differs from person to person.

We measure, gain knowledge and fantasise.
We think we know best.
What is true? Who knows what?
What is false?
Why do you want to know?

The show undermines our certainties. What influence does someone have on your thoughts? What do we control ourselves? What is my truth and how it does it differ from someone else’s?

After Level Q, which was a resounding success in the BINK programme as well as at the Rode Hond festival, LAP vzw is now presenting its new production. We are looking forward to it!

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final direction Randi De Vlieghe play Danaé Bosman, Linde Carrijn and Jotka Bauwens live music and composition Linde Carrijn scenography Erki De Vries bewegingsadvies Dafne Maes costume design Elise Goedgezelschap light design Eva Dermul technic Hans Rigouts with support of the Flemish Government co-production ccDeurne, De Studio Antwerpen, 30CC Leuven, CC Het Gasthuis Aarschot and Cmine Genk thanks to sabam for culture and C-TAKT Dommelhof photo Laure-anne Iserief

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