We are the weather

Saving The Planet Begins At Breakfast

Jonathan Safran Foer
Thu 05/09/2019 - 20:00

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His novel ‘Everything was illuminated’ was the debut of a child prodigy: Jonathan Safran Foer. With Exremely Loud & Incredibly Close he made his breakthrough completely. He is now one of the leading authors of American literature. Everything after that responded to the Zeitgeist. As a committed non-fiction writer, he wrote ‘Eating Animals’ in which he criticized the bio-industry. He investigated the economic and moral implications of our carnivorous society.

He comes to Leuven with his newest book and investigates once more these pressing issues: ‘We Are The Weather – Saving The Planet Begins At Breakfast’.  The correct Dutch translation is yet to be made. This book is an urgent manifesto about climate change and meat consumption, a subject matter that concerns more and more people. He states that the climate can possibly be saved most succesfully by strong individual signals and gestures. To begin with reflecting on your own food and consumption behaviour. His latest novel ‘Here I Am’ was published in 2016.

Jonathan Safran Foer (1977, Washington D.C.) is an American novelist and essayist. He studied philosophy at Princeton. His work was translated throughout the world and was filmed several times. 

  • Jonathan Safran Foer will be interviewed by Lies Martens. Conversation in English.
  • Book sales by Standaard Boekhandel. You can have your book signed by Safran Foer at the end of the interview.

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Ticket prices

€ 5 - check onze reductions