Poltrock & De Roover
Wed 29/09/2021 - 20:30
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Youngsters (12+)

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David Poltrock and Adriaan De Roover are both established names in the alternative Belgian music scene. Poltrock is not only a musician with, among other bands, Razen and De Mens, he also composes film scores as well as ambient and post-classical music. De Roover made a name for himself as his alter ego Oaktree and created the wonderful album Leaves in 2019.

For VACUUM, the two composers have joined forces for a multidisciplinary performance that goes beyond the traditional concert experience. The performance, directed by Aïda Gabriels, combines Poltrock and De Roover’s electro-acoustic sounds with dance, light and video. You will be immersed in monumental soundscapes played through speakers in each corner of the room, images by videographer Wim Piquer, light by lighting designer Jan Van Lindt and the physical movement language by dancer Pieter Desmet.

The result is a tension field for the senses where the understanding of space and focus is lost. It’s a universe without any reference, a vacuum that completely swallows you.