Under the Surface

Joost Lijbaart, Sanne Rambags en Bram Stadhouders
Thu 21/03/2019 - 12:15
Music, Jazz & Morna, festival
Daytime Show, Free
This event is free

Young vocalist Sanne Rambags was offered the chance to create a new band in 2015. With guitarist Bram Stadshouders and drummer Joost Lijbaart she chose two very big names in Dutch jazz. Their aim: improvisations that blend ambiance, poetry and collaboration.

In March 2017 their debut (on Challenge Records) received a very positive acclaim. The universal 'language' of the trio appeals to all cultures and brought the band to major festivals in Mali, Mexico, China and India.

Under The Surface  is a unique trio with musicians from different generations, united in the common search for 'space' and silence, all through improvisation.

Joost Lijbaart is one of the top names in Dutch jazz, he plays in the quartet of Yuri Honing and in the band Batik.

Bram Stadhouders is one of the most promising musicians in the European improvisation scene and received numerous awards. He also collaborated with American drummer Jim Black.

Sanne Rambags won the Conservatorium Talent Award in 2017. She is one of the very few singers in her generation that can improvise in an open manner: both with her own lyrics and poems or among a band of musicians. Her voice has an instrumental function, blending perfectly with the open group sound and playing of Lijbaart and Stadhouders. 

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with Joost Lijbaart (drums, percussion), Sanne Rambags (vocals), Bram Stadhouders (accoustic guitar, synths, lyre, percussion).

This event is free