Uncut : Belgian Slampionship 2022

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Fri 30/09/2022 - 19:00
Literature, Others
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Together with Sarah Bekambo, Vermeylenfonds, 30CC, TRILL vzw and the CBK Network, Uncut organizes the Belgian Slampionship Preliminary Round of Flemish Brabant.

Who will follow in the footsteps of previous winners of this preliminary round such as Carmien Michels, Petit Jean, Esohe Weyden, Anke Somers and De Stille Stem?

The winner will have a place in the big national final and 150 euro of prize money.

The public will also have a voice !


Belgian slampionship (CBK)

An annual competition led by Belgian organizations that support the art of Slam Poetry. A preliminary round takes place in every Belgian province and Brussels. The winners will meet in the big national final. The winner of this final will receive a place at the European Slampionship.

Preliminary round Flemish-Brabant

Maximum 16 participants. There are 3 rounds with each time some dropouts and at the end a winner.

You prepare 4 texts. 1 for the first round, 1 for the second round, 2 for the final round. You can take your text with you on stage.You get 3 minutes per performance.

You live in Belgium or you are staying for a longer period of time, regardless of your nationality. You live or are staying abroad but you have Belgian nationality.

This preliminary round falls under the Dutch-speaking preliminary rounds. Other languages are allowed, but the jury may have less or no knowledge of these. (Only French and Dutch are allowed in the big national final).

Register by DM to Uncut or an email to Uncut@trill.be .
With your name, first name, date of birth, place of residence, contact details and a short bio.
Or register before the start of the contest by asking for a member of the Uncut team (as long as there is space).

The public gets a vote in the 1st and the final round.

Open Mic

This event will be an open mic in the form of a contest. Only the registered participants are admitted to share the stage in this edition.
Uncut stands for mutual respect and an open minded atmosphere. We appreciate your courage and your willingness to share your writings at uncut, whatever position you get in the contest.

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partners Sarah Bekambo, TRILL vzw, 30CC, Hind Eljadid & Vermeylenfonds, Belgian Slampionship Network