the tiger eats the zebra and the bird flies away in fear

Benjamin Verdonck and Toneelhuis
Tue 03/03/2020 - 20:00
Theatre, festival

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€ 16 (section 1) - € 14 (section 2) - € 11 (section 3)

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a gogglebox / of the whole world / a big magic box
an opening dance / a human an animal a thing / next to each other / an animal a thing / a thing a human an animal / next to each other / a last walz
a room, another room / behind it / a room / a door / of course a door
shutters opening and closing, colours shifting, surfaces disappearing / and strings, lots of strings
a shape becoming a line a dot a colour / everything / changing, wavering, breaking, startin over again
a tunnel, a spyhole, a gap
up to the handle / into the heart / to the bone or from top to bottom
hope and despair / we are the world we are the world we are the world
everything is always the same / everything is always changing
the show is a sad song / although the moon remains / (it also joins in) / pretty unflappable

With this show, Benjamin Verdonck continues down the path he took with his previous productions 'notallwhowanderarelost' (2014) and 'Liedje voor gigi' (2018). Assisted by Lucas Van Haesbrouck and Het Toneelhuisdecoratelier, he creates and directs an unusual planetarium made of tape, pieces of string and cardboard.

  • This production in wordless.

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with Benjamin Verdonck decor Benjamin Verdonck, Lucas Van Haesbroeck dramaturgy  Sven Roofthooft lighting design Lucas Van Haesbroeck costume Valentine Kempynck production Toneelhuis with support of Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius

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