Familiar Faces
Sun 12/12/2021 - 14:00
Sun 12/12/2021 - 19:00
Family, Circus
from 8 yrs

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€ 15 - check our reductions

In Surface, Familiar Faces explores the limits of the incontrollable. Water slowly seeps in … They sometimes use this resource carefully, at other times recklessly. Water will always find a way and this forces the group to adjust its normal way of moving. They lose their hold. While performing, they try to strike a balance between control and abandon. It promises to be a quest for alternatives in a constantly changing landscape.

Familiar Faces is a full evening's show with influences from partner acrobatics.

The international troupe Familiar Faces has been selected for Circusnext, a European project supporting the new generation of circus talent. Only six artists and troupes have been chosen from a total of 120 talents.

Winter circus

Since 2021, the new circus workshop CIRKLABO has supported circus artists in their artistic development.
After nearly a year, over 20 circus troupes have made use of the site. During Winter Circus 2021, we therefore present an extra dose of circus from our own circus workshop. The various circus troupes are all connected to Leuven one way or another, their creations have been partly created in Leuven and are supported or coproduced by CIRKLABO.

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with Josse De Broeck, Hendrik Van Maele, Felix Zech and Petra Steindl coproduction Festival Circolo, LEME Festival and CIRKLABO (30CC)  with support of de Warande Turnhout photo Milan Szypura